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Our Mission:

Our mission is to transform our clients' vision into reality by facilitating the decision making process and ensuring providing a system that utilizes state-of-the art technology allowing on-line easy access and analysis for all business information in a true dynamic business environment. 

We have designed well-studied methodologies aiming to deliver top quality and professional IT Software Development to meet today’s technology needs and to enable implementation for current and future functional requirements. We aim at achieving (and keeping) a higher level of client satisfaction. In order to keep up to our target, we shoulder the responsibility to replace the traditional client-provider concept with real partnership-based business relations.

Our Focus: 
We believe that staying one of the top is much harder than making to the top—and that is how we have remained one of the top of the IT Software Development Industry in Egypt and soon outside of Egypt as well. Our focus is to continue being one of the top; simply because we love it up here--and who would not!

Our Promise:
Our promise to our client is that we are taking every effective approach to erect a “SOFTWARE-HUB” that stands on reliability, and integrity, and to treat our clients with respect and honesty offering the best possible reward.


Our Branches
Egypt Branch: 3 Nawal St., Ninth Floor, Dokki, Giza
Saudi Arabia Branch: EL Ryaad - SA
Working Hrs:
from Sun. to th. from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Vacancies : Fri. and Sat.


A highly-qualified staff of R&D, Development, Designing, Programming, Implementing, Marketing, Sales, and Customer’s Care who are equipped with Up-to-date advanced technologies, treated fairly and equitably, with respect and dignity. We always provide them the environment in which they can learn, grow and become better Professionals.