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Commercial and industrial area:

Egyptian Company for electrical insulators (a Swedish company). SAE.
Ceramic Rock

Ceramic Royal
Fathi Hassan Group Group. SAE.
Coca-Cola Egypt for the soft drinks industry
Alavroamrakih company to trade clothes. SAE.
Egyptian Company for Advanced Technology
Sons Co. Mahi Shoes Trading
Company boon for computer accessories trade
Al-Khatib computer (Saudi Arabia)
XP Soft
Company promoter of Trade and Industry. SAE.
Masood Trading cars. SAE.
Radi Trans transport. SAE.
Saad Desouky Office of Accounting
Rizk and Dade Office of Accounting
Trans Export Company. SAE.
Esperanto Textile Co. Rd. Pm.
United Company for Pipes
High Pharm drug
Royal Ceramic Marketing
United Company for Land Reclamation and manufacturing
Clors Company for Import and Export
Al Mansoura For Resins
Of Ghwell Consulting engineering group Ghwell, Libya
Sea of Construction group Ghwell, Libya
Sea of Plastics Group Ghwell, Libya
Company Ghwell Imp & Export group Ghwell, Libya
Sea of training group Ghwell, Libya
Sea of coating group Ghwell, Libya
Allaren Holding Saudi Aleran Group
Business Allaren imports Saudi Aleran Group
Business Allaren industry Saudi Aleran Group
Realization Allaren for Trade Saudi Aleran Group
Jotun Trading Company Saudi Aleran Group
Company Aleran Building Materials Trading (simplified) Saudi Aleran Group
Gulf Arab for trade

Trust Co. Imp (Omran Telecom)

Trading companies, chemicals and fertilizers for agricultural development:
Fertilizer company Egypt (Ajivrt). SAE.
International agricultural crops. SAE.
International Company for Fertilizers and Chemicals, AGA. SAE.
International Company for Fertilizers and Chemicals, Limited Partnership
International Fertilizer Factory. SAE. (Sadat Ferchem) company Ferchem Egypt
Quesna Company for Agricultural Development - Quesna - El Almonofiyah. Pm.
Northern Upper Egypt - Pyramid. SAE.
Safa Trading Co., fertilizers and chemicals. SAE.
Shaimaa Trading fertilizers and chemicals. SAE.
North of trade liberalization fertilizers and chemicals. SAE.
Al Safa livestock production. SAE.
Good company for trade and agricultural development. SAE.
Al Safa mechanization and agricultural development. SAE.
Nile agricultural and food industries. SAE.
Factory Acouvrt for Fertilizers and Chemicals. SAE.
Sama for Agricultural Development (IFAD). SAE.
Mecca Seeds Company. SAE.
International Co. For drip irrigation networks
Company Assem dos seeds. SAE.
Valley Farm Rd. Pm.
Mag Trading. SAE.
Sea Service Co. Rd. Pm.
Salhiah. SAE.
Avavko company for transport and storage of seeds and oils. SAE.
Al Safa and Marwa insulators and livestock. SAE.
Al Safa Investment and Commercial Agencies
Safa Transport Company. SAE.
United Poultry Company
Arab Brothers Company for the manufacture of fertilizers and plastic
National Company for supplies and agricultural products
Mansoura Fertilizers and Chemicals

Agro Chemical Company for Chemicals


Companies petroleum mineral Alutheroh:
Egyptian Drilling Company EDC
Drilling Company in Dammam - Saudi Arabia
National Drilling Company. SAE. M. - Libya
Egyptian Chinese. SAE.
Addis Petroleum Company. SAE.
Drilling. SAE. Sini tharwa
Arabism Mining Company. SAE.
Mining company Mozon, a Ghwell, Libya
Company Ghwell Mining, a Ghwell, Libya


Construction companies and real estate investment:
Architectural Contracting Company and Modern Building
Shepherd Construction Co.
Mercy Contracting Company
Center construction, consolidation and efficiency
Diar Consulting engineering and construction
Nasr Company for Engineering & buildings (EGYCO)
Tower Group Company for Contracting

Sovana Company for Tourism Development
Realization Allaren for Contracting Saudi Aleran Group
Houses Allaren for Real Estate Saudi Aleran Group
Allaren of Projects and Project Management Saudi Aleran Group
Realization Aleran for Trade, Industry and Contracting Saudi Aleran Group
Saudi Arabia's small tower Group
Riyadko for technology sudia


Governmental entities:
Aswan irrigation management
New Damietta City
New device Obour City


Hospitals, pharmacies and laboratory:
Hospital and the Ministry of Electricity - Cairo
Blessed Children's Hospital in Mansoura
Zamalek Hospital
Golf International Hospital for the digestive system and liver
Dr. Hossam Farag Hospital Eye
Fishing Yat-Mansoura

Family House Foundation for the care of the elderly


Universities and university towns:
Technology Institute Tenth of Ramadan
University City to Cairo University, Benin
University City University of Cairo girls
Elite International Schools compound V
Mansour International Schools
College Tqnyiat Engineering Computer Knowledge University, Iraq
Faculty of Arabic Language Knowledge University, Iraq
College English Knowledge University, Iraq
Faculty of Computer Science University of Knowledge, Iraq
College of Law University Almaariq, Iraq
Faculty of Science, University of financial and banking knowledge, Iraq
Technical College in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The world of sports academy


Food processing companies, restaurants and shops:
Restaurants Medco Emirates
Restaurants good spring in the UAE
Restaurants Abou Ghali fish
Sweets Madeira
Sweet House
Wildland company food Almntijat industry
Sanabel Company for Food Industries

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